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Singapore SVNS, women - Day Two

WRAP: We bring you Day Two of the women’s action at the Singapore leg of the HSBC SVNS World Series on Saturday.


New Zealand and Australia continue their charge for the women’s HSBC SVNS League Winners title.

Women’s leaders New Zealand and Australia – on equal points at the top of the SVNS standings going in to Singapore – both went two from two to secure their places in Saturday’s quarterfinals

The eighth and final spot in the Grand Final is set to be decided when Great Britain and Brazil meet Saturday. Great Britain, who sit two points above ninth-place Brazil in the final Madrid spot, lost both their games against Fiji and Australia but Brazil could not capitalise as they also went winless against the same opposition.

All the Day Two action follow below


Japan 10 – 12 Fiji

A good contest put on by both teams, holding each other in a vice grip for much of the first half, opting to run into contact rather than space. Played stayed between the respective 22s for much of the half, with glimpses of breaks along the edges but both teams ran a tight ship. The constant clashing of horns between the two sides eventually yielded a try for the Fijians, bagging the points just before the hooter, sending them into the break ahead. Both teams lost the ball forward a number of times, slowing the game down considerably, making it hard to capitalize on space opening up accidentally. The second half saw both teams take plenty more risks. Fiji scored first but Japan crossed the line twice to make it a nail-biting finish, with Japan losing it forward on the try line in extra time.

New Zealand 24 – 5 Great Britain

New Zealand kept the advantage  for much of the game, despite only scoring three minutes into the fixture. They exerted constant pressure via possession and territory, suffocating the Great Britain side. The British were not docile, however, fighting tooth and nail to regain territory and expand out onto the wings after stringing together a few passes. They didn’t find much success. The Black Ferns secured another try after Setefano dipped passed her woman along the flank to run it in for a try. Great Britain started off the second half as well as they would’ve liked, but a solo run by Pouri-Lane undid all their work. Great Britain switched off in the final seconds giving New Zealand the chance to put one more onto the board.

Australia 24 – 14 Ireland

Ireland started off the game about as badly as they could’ve imagined, securing a yellow card in the opening seconds for Megan Burns. It went from bad to worse after Australia took the lead, bagging a double in quick succession – Levi and Nathan the try-scorers. Ireland decided to end the half the same way they started it, by being awarded another yellow card, this time to King. Dismal discipline by the Irish on the big stage. Australia secured another try after the break, taking the opportunity availed to them by the second yellow card.  Levi went over for their forth and that about sealed the game. Kind pulled back a consolation try for the Irish, as did lane, but their earlier transgressions cost them dearly.

France 24 – 0 Canada

The final game of the Women’s Cup Quarterfinals was a riveting contest, with both sides bringing it to their opposition. France enjoyed a bit more of the attacking position, but Canada matched their energy kept the French ladies on their toes, especially covering the wings. Canada had a slight lapse in concentration after the half time hooter sounded and conceded a try to Lothoz who sent France into the break high-spirited. Okemba got France their second try in the second half, but still the game seemed to be balancing on a thread with Canada showing signs of pulling it back at any moment. As the game went on, France started pulling away and the French ensured the Canadian rifle would never fire.

Ninth-place play-offs

USA 33 – 0 Brazil

Both teams felt each other out in the opening minutes, probing and pushing but not shooting for goal directly. Brazil had a lapse in their defensive structure and let USA through for a soft try. The mishap helped snowball the Americans to secure another try, which gave them a more comfortable lead going into the break. The Brazilians were not without chances, but their finishing touches failed them at the last. Second half was not much better for the South Americans, as they conceded three more tries thanks to the nifty link ups between Kelter and Gray. USA controlled the ball and ensured Brazil didn’t get to play the game they wanted to. A dominant performance overall.

South Africa 26 – 14 Spain

A slow game, all things considered. Both sides preferred a patient build up with short bursts and runs scattered in between. Neither remained docile, however, with both teams getting on the board in the first half. South Africa pulled ahead first with Roos and Tshiremba, before Requena got Spain on the board. The second half saw Spain level the score, coming into the half with strong intentions. South African kept their composure and worked their systems, going over the line twice more to seal the game. A few missed opportunities by Spain alongside some unforced errors cost them, but a good performance by South Africa to secure the win.

Pool A

Ireland 25 – 7 Spain

Spain took an early lead after some swift boots by Stella allowed her to shoot forward and leave the opposition in her footsteps. Ireland responded with a one-two, but failed to convert either of their tries, giving them the lead, but dropping four points in the process. They took the lead going into the break while Spain fought hard to increase their tally. The second half started with an early try for Ireland while Spain continued to look for the formula that worked in the first half. The Spanish remained on the back foot for much of the game after their initial try, conceding another try through the efforts of Kinlin pushing through a messy defence on the flank. Ireland missed all their conversions, something they will want to address going forward.

New Zealand 31 – 7 Canada

A rough game for Canada who were up against the ropes from the get-go. Expansive runs and rehearsed passes by New Zealand picked the Canadians apart, passing into space behind the defence almost at will. Much of the game was played in Canada’s half, even when the ladies in red had possession. They struggled to push passed the swift New Zealand defence even when countering. With the game all but wrapped up Canada snuck in for a consolation try to give the fans something to take from the game. Not the result they  would’ve liked, but the mountain they had to scale was a steep one.

Pool B

Japan 34 – 7 South Africa

An even and exciting match to kick off Day 2. A swaying pendulum of control between these two sides, with the Japan gaining the upper hand first via the hands of Kajiki. South Africa responded a couple of minutes later with Malinga sneaking in through the wing. Japan got the last say on the cusp of half time to go into the break with five point lead. The game ran away from South Africa in the second half – or rather, Japan did. They crossed the line four more times in the second half, turning what was an even game in the first half into a one-sided affair. Japan looking set for a second quarterfinal, following the strong result in this fixture.

United States 15 – 19 France

France got off to the start any team would be happy to have, scoring in the opening minute of the game. Dezou opened the flood gates and her team sailed over the USA try line twice more in the first half, with only one missed conversion. France stretched the USA team from side to side, running them ragged on the flanks in the first half. The second half brought with it a wave of ideas as USA pushed hard to undo their mistakes of the first half. They tallied 15 points in the second seven, but France held on well enough to see themselves to a win, not putting on any additional points in the second half.

Pool C

Great Britain 35 – 5 Brazil

Brazil got just the start they wanted by going over early in the first half with Costa, perhaps setting the tone for the game. The team dances to the tune, however, was Great Britain who steamrolled the Brazilians by responding with a series of tries – two in  the first half and three in the second. Brazil were unable to cross the try line again, being kept busy defending their lines with limited opportunities to counter, or rather none that they capitalized upon. A strong performance by Norman-Bell, securing a brace for herself and putting in a good shift all around. Brazil perhaps feeling a bit taken aback after the challenge they put up against Australia yesterday.

Australia 60 – 0 Fiji

Australia took the gloves off from minute one, punishing the Fijians heavily throughout the game. The first half was a one-sided affair with Australia scoring five tries while Fiji spent the entire half holding onto their 22 meter line. The second half was no better with the Aussies crossing a further three times. To add to Fiji’s woes, their defensive efforts got them sent to bin on two separate occasions, which Australia abused without question. A disappointing showing by the Fijians, not making the fixture competitive. The referee awarded Australia two penalty tries, and Levi bagged another hatrick to make the tally a whopping 60 points.

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