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Thu 30 Apr 2020 | 09:59

Bookworms and NBA jumpers 'inspire' Stormers

Bookworms and NBA jumpers 'inspire' Stormers
Thu 30 Apr 2020 | 09:59
Bookworms and NBA jumpers 'inspire' Stormers

SUPER RUGBY SPOTLIGHT: The Stormers, like all teams, may not be able to have group sessions. However, they are going to great lengths to be an improved version when they do eventually return.

Rito Hlungwani, the Stormers forwards coach, this week said they have taken the additional time – in this period of total lockdown in South Africa, to improve themselves individually.

He said, before they split at the end of last month, they set down some goals to improve themselves as coaches.

Like the players, they are working on ‘individual skills’.

“[Backs coach] Dawie [Snyman] sent out some nice information on Aussie Rules,” Hlungwani said.

“He [Snyman] is looking at a different code to find an edge.”

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As a forwards coach Hlungwani is also tapping into other sources to improve the skills of the big boys up front.

“I am looking at the NBA [the National Basketball Association in North America] and there are a few things I have picked up there,” he said.

“Dobbo [head coach John Dobson] is well-read and is reading a bit more now.

“That’s how we are keeping ourselves motivated by learning from other coaches and codes.

“So, [we are looking to ensure] when we come back, we come back better as well.

“What we have done well is learn, read, watch as many videos as you can, join as many webcasts as you can and we’ll discuss it once a week.”


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Bookworms And Nba Jumpers 'inspire' Stormers | Rugby365