Sun 14 Apr 2019 | 06:43

Sharks go from heroes to zeroes in one week

Sharks go from heroes to zeroes in one week
Sun 14 Apr 2019 | 06:43
Sharks go from heroes to zeroes in one week

SUPER RUGBY REACTION: It has become increasingly clear that the Sharks haven’t got the right attitude or mindset to be real contenders in Super Rugby.

After hammering the Lions 42-5 in Johannesburg, the Sharks were then humiliated 17-51 at home by the Jaguares. All this happened in a space of a week which proves once again how bad the Sharks are when it comes to consistency.

“We were just incredibly poor today [Saturday],” Sharks head coach Robert du Preez told reporters after the match.

“All the good work that we did last week. It was probably one of the best performances from a Sharks team in years and then the next game was probably the worst.”

The Sharks have the talent and the ability to be a top team but judging from their last two performances the players are not mentally strong enough to sustain a challenge for a title in a tournament like Super Rugby.

“All the no-talent stuff let us down like mindset and attitude.

“You can’t go from playing incredible rugby one week and then you have a performance like this. It is just not good enough,” Du Preez added.

The Sharks are second in the South African Conference with four wins and four losses from their eight games so far.

They are just two points above Jaguares and three points above the Stormers and the Lions.

They could find themselves further down in the standings in the coming weeks. After their next match against the Reds in Durban, the Sharks will go on tour to face the Waratahs, Crusaders and Chiefs which will not be easy.

By Warren Fortune
@Fortune Warren

* Picture courtesy of Wayne Seagreen

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