Thu 31 Jan 2019 | 10:46

What South African teams need for success in Super Rugby 2019

What South African teams need for success in Super Rugby 2019
Thu 31 Jan 2019 | 10:46
What South African teams need for success in Super Rugby 2019

SPOTLIGHT: 2019 is going to be an exciting year for Rugby fans. Of course, the World Cup is going to take place in Japan starting September. And then there is the Super Rugby 2019 season as well which is going to be played from February 15th.

South African public is a passionate bunch of rugby fans. There are intense rivalries between the local teams and fans raise the stakes by betting on their favourite teams at every opportunity they get. If you too wish to place a winning bet then Betway has to be your first preference as it has a wide range of options to bet on. Here you can also develop a strategy best suited for betting on rugby based on the information that is provided.

Following are the things that need to happen in the Super Rugby from South Africa’s point of view.

There needs to be substantial attendance for local matches

The four South African teams that will compete in the Super Rugby team will be hoping that fans turn up for the local derbies in huge numbers. A positive response from the fans will spur the teams on and improve their chances of doing better.

The franchises are trying their best to attract the younger generation with their Marvel Super-hero themed gears. But ultimately it will be the quality of rugby that will attract fans to the stadium. The responsibility to make a South African team champions lies equally with the players and the fans as well. The Bulls take on the Stormers in Round 1 and we are hoping for a fun but competitive game of rugby.

What South African teams need for success in Super Rugby 2019

South African teams need to take that next step

The New Zealand teams have proved to be superior to the other in this competition. But the South African teams have been performing excellently in the past few years. Take for example The Lions who have made it to the last three finals and lost in all of them to NZ’s The Crusaders.

The Lions now just have to make that final jump and claim victory in the final but they will be needing help from the other three teams. With less than four weeks for the competition to start there is a cause for excitement. Plenty of young talent is coming through and they will all be pumped by the prospect of playing in the World Cup. The Super Rugby will be the perfect opportunity for these youngsters to impress the Springbok’s coach and get a place in the squad for the WC.

Accurate refereeing decisions

In such fast and high-intensity games, many actions happen so quickly that it makes the referee’s job very difficult. Sometimes things are not as simple as saying ‘black or white’. Ambiguity in the law makes deciding on certain situations near impossible. In such cases, the referees must use their discretion and do their job to the best of their ability.

But exercising discretion should be within the limits of the rules of the game. This assures that there is a consistency in decision making which was completely lacking in last year’s Super Rugby.

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