Wed 14 Mar 2018 | 01:33

Wright calls for early Sharks' dominance

Wright calls for early Sharks' dominance
Wed 14 Mar 2018 | 01:33
Wright calls for early Sharks' dominance

Fresh from a 50-22 win over the Sunwolves in Durban, the Sharks scrumhalf acknowledge that if they want to build a winning record they have to dominate the Brumbies upfront.

The Brumbies, playing in their first home game, have a lot to prove after two consecutive defeats to the Reds and the Rebels. The side's only success was a 32-25 victory over Sunwolves in Round two.

"We’ve done some analysis of the Brumbies and sussed them out a bit," Wright revealed in Sydney.

"Their backline is quite good and they have some big forwards that they try to get into the game early on. It’s going to be quite a tough game upfront but our forwards will take it as a challenge to try to dominate them.

"Hopefully we can shut down their threats early enough and limit their opportunities to run because that’s something they look to do. They want to get momentum going so we’ll look to frustrate them and stop them getting rewarded,"

Having left the Sharks in 2015 for a stint in France with Montpellier, the scrumhalf is currently on his first Sharks' tour to Australia and New Zealand.

"My experience so far of touring has been really good. The opportunity to be on this tour with the guys, in a beautiful place like Sydney which has been most welcoming, makes it all the more enjoyable,"

Of his own game, he admitted that he is very happy with his form.

"I’m pretty stoked with the way things are going, although you can never be completely satisfied with your performance," he added.

"You always want to improve and better yourself and ideally you want to be playing at your best.

"I left The Sharks in 2015 for France and on coming back [in 2017], my initial thoughts were about what I could give to the Sharks, not what I could take. That includes the physical, mental and emotional aspects – you want to give 100 percent in all three.

"If I want to compete with the best, then I have to be fit and ready for those players. This is a great opportunity for me to push myself to new heights and I think it’s coming together nicely,"

One area that he admitted to working extremely hard on is his passing game. "A hooker who can’t throw won’t make the team, a kicker who can’t kick won’t either and it’s exactly the same for a scrumhalf, he needs to be right up there with his passing and distribution,"


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