Fri 10 May 2019 | 05:08

World Rugby Trophy in Brazil

World Rugby Trophy in Brazil
Fri 10 May 2019 | 05:08
World Rugby Trophy in Brazil

In the land of the samba, beaches and football, there us also rugby, and in July one of World Rugby’s tournaments will be hosted there – the World Under-20 Trophy.

World Rugby’s Under-20 Championship will take place in Argentina in June with the 12 top Under-20 national teams taking part. The Under-20 Trophy is for the next tier of teams.

Eight teams will take part in the Trophy tournament which starts on 9 July 2019 in São José dos Campos, a city in southeast Brazil.

The teams taking part are Brazil, Hong Kong, Japan, Kenya, Portugal, Tonga, Uruguay and the winner of the two-match play-off between the USA and Canada, which is scheduled for 4 and 8 June 2019 in Victoria, British Columbia.

The teams are divided into two pools.

Pool A: Japan, Kenya, Uruguay, USA/Canada
Pool B: Brazil, Hong Kong, Portugal, Tonga.

The winner of the tournament will be automatically promoted to the Under-20 Championship for 2020.


The matches will be played at Estádio Martins Pereira, a rugby ground in São José dos Campos.

Round 1 – Wednesday, 9 July 2019
Japan vs USA/Canada
Tonga vs Brazil
Kenya vs Uruguay
Portugal vs Hong Kong

Round 2 – Saturday, 13 July 2019
Tonga vs Hong Kong
Japan vs Uruguay
Kenya vs USA/Canada
Portugal vs Brazil

Round 3 – Wednesday, 17 July 2019
Japan vs Kenya
Tonga vs Portugal
Uruguay vs USA/Canada
Hong Kong vs Brazil

Play-offs are on Sunday, 21 July 2019. They will decide the ranking order of the teams.

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