Fri 30 Mar 2018 | 06:56

White card back in the game

White card back in the game
Fri 30 Mar 2018 | 06:56
White card back in the game

The white card review system, which was first introduced in the inaugural Varsity Cup competition in 2008 and re-introduced in June 2015, will once again be implemented for the two semifinal matches, the final of the Varsity Cup as well as the Varsity Shield Final.

The white card can be used by either coach or captain to review a decision by the referee.

Each team is allowed one white card review per half.

How the white card review system will work
* Each team will receive two cards marked Half One and Half Two.
* If the captain wants to review an incident, he will request that the referee shows the white card.
* However, the review must be specific, and no general reviews will be allowed.
* Should a coach review an incident, he will ask the TMO to inform the referee of the white card request.
* The coach will then convey his specific referral to the TMO via radio contact.
* Afterwards, the TMO will inform the referee of the challenge, and the referee will then, at the next stoppage of play, raise a white card to indicate that a request for a review was lodged.

Varsity Cup CEO Duitser Bosman explained that the white card rule will not only benefit the Varsity Cup but could benefit the game of rugby as a whole.

"We want the right thing to happen, and the team that deserves to win rightfully so within the rules, should win," Bosman said.

"If we can employ measures that make the results as close to that outcome as possible, we should do it.

"The white card is inevitable, it should become part of World Rugby’s rules."

Varsity Cup semifinals:

April 2

Venue: Fanie du Toit Sports Grounds, Potchefstroom
Kick-off: 16.30

Maties v Wits
Venue: Danie Craven Stadium, Stellenbosch
Kick-off: 19.00

PV: 2
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