Wed 19 Aug 2015 | 07:42

Final: New Zealand's World Cup Glory

Final: New Zealand's World Cup Glory
Wed 19 Aug 2015 | 07:42
Final: New Zealand's World Cup Glory

New Zealand v France, 29-9
(Eden Park, Auckland, 20 June 1987)

Few doubted that New Zealand would walk it. Throughout the tournament they showed that they had taken rugby to a higher plane than the rest.

They were simply better at attack and defence and every component in those two aspects of the game.

France had no answer and were beaten more comfortably than the score suggests. For their part the dominant All Blacks were possibly more conservative than they needed be.

At half-time New Zealand led 9-0 thanks to a try by Michael Jones after a failed drop-goal attempt by Grant Fox. Fox then dropped a goal.

Then France kicked a penalty and Fox kicked four before Jones, the star of the inaugural World Cup, broke and David Kirk surged over in the corner.

Then from the kick-off David Kirk enjoyed the scrumhalf break of the tournament as he ducked under Pierre Berbizier's tackle, sidestepped Eric Champ and raced 40 metres before sending John Kirwan over.

France then created a French-packaged try as several handled before Pierre Berbizier scored.

Albert Ferrasse, France's chairman of the IRB, presented the cup to perky Kirk who held it aloft, and all New Zealand knew that the world was in the right place.

Scorers:Final: New Zealand's World Cup Glory

For New Zealand:
Jones, Kirk, Kirwan
Con: Fox
Pens: Fox 4
DG: Fox

For France:
Con: Cambérabéro
Pen: Cambérabéro


New Zealand: John Gallagher, John Kirwan, Warwick Taylor, Joe Stanley, Craig Green, Grant Fox, David Kirk (captain), Buck Shelford, Alan Whetton, Michael Jones, Gary Whetton, Murray Pierce, Steven McDowell, Sean Fitzpatrick, John Drake

France: Serge Blanco, Didier Cambérabéro, Philippe Sella, Denis Charvet, Patrice Lagisquet, Franck Mesnel, Pierre Berbizier, Laurent Rodriguez, Dominique Erbani, Eric Champ, Alain Lorieux, Jean Condom, Pascal Ondarts, Daniel Dubroca (captain), Jean-Pierre Garuet-Lempirou.

Referee: Kerry Fitzgerald (Australia)

PV: 24

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