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Thu 14 Nov 2019 | 11:43

Scots settle quarrel with World Rugby

Scots settle quarrel with World Rugby
Thu 14 Nov 2019 | 11:43
Scots settle quarrel with World Rugby

NEWS: Scottish Rugby Union have agreed to pay their fine and settle the feud with World Rugby.

The tension between Scotland and WOrld Rugby stems from the SRU Chief Mark Dodson’s comments during the World Cup – preceding Typhoon Hagibis disruption of the tournament.

SRU Chief Dodson revealed to UK Telegraph newspaper, the BBC Radio 4 Today programme, and at the Scotland team announcement on October 11, that the SRU would sue World Rugby and also went onto to criticise the running of the World Cup.

Dodson hit out at World Rugby’s plans to cancel Scotland’s final Pool A clash with Japan on Sunday if Typhoon Hagibis had left the Yokohama Stadium unsafe for action. World Cup organisers managed to stage the match, with Japan defeating the Scots 28-21 and reaching the quarter-finals at their foes’ expense.

Consequently, World Rugby opted to fine the Scotting Rugby and told them to write a ‘meaningful apology’.

Despite their very vocal disagreement in the previous month, the Scotts have agreed to pay a donation of £70,000 to World Rugby and according to the World Rugby’s statement the ‘matter is now closed’.

*Read full statement below…

Scots settle quarrel with World Rugby

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