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Wed 17 Apr 2019 | 04:40

Springboks 2019 Rugby World Cup jersey: All the details

Springboks 2019 Rugby World Cup jersey: All the details
Wed 17 Apr 2019 | 04:40
Springboks 2019 Rugby World Cup jersey: All the details

The clock to kick off for the 2019 Rugby World Cup is ticking. While we’ve got a Super Rugby season to get through first, there’s every reason to get excited for the Springboks’ first fixture against the All Blacks in September.

Sure, you might still be trying to shake the traumatic loss against Japan from the last World Cup, but there’s a new coach, a new vibe and, of course, a new jersey.

The 2015 kit kept things simple. And, through the years, there’s not been too much deviation from the traditional green and gold. But manufacturer Asics isn’t revealing too much about the design for this year’s jersey.

Springbok 2019 Rugby World Cup jersey release date and look

Pre-sales for the jersey opened on 17 April 2019, but the official release date is set for 25 April 2019. We don’t know much about the kit just yet, other than a few teasers Asics shared to their social media channels.

The posts seem to hint at bringing some elements of the 1995 and the 2007 jerseys – the years in which the Boks last won the Rugby World Cup.

The material used for sports jerseys has changed a fair bit (we won’t bore you with the technical details) and in the age of high performance, this is becoming almost as important as training.

Yes, really. From where the grips are placed to help with binding in the scrum and lifting in the lineouts, right down to the blend of materials to make movement easier… things are seriously technical. Perhaps even more technical than some game plans.

There’s something special about a rugby jersey with a good collar, though, even though those have long since gone out of fashion.

Perhaps Asics have found a way to bring some of that fashion into the modern age. We’ll keep you updated as we find out.

And the cost of the new jersey?

The presale cost of the Springbok jersey is set at R800 on the official SA Rugby shop website.

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