Mon 29 Oct 2018 | 08:06

World Cup 2019: Top Contenders

World Cup 2019: Top Contenders
Mon 29 Oct 2018 | 08:06
World Cup 2019: Top Contenders

A game of skill, stamina, and strength, rugby might only have a big following in a few countries, but its worldwide appeal is still infectious.

The top prize for any nation in the sport is the Rugby World Cup. The next installation of this prestigious competition will take place in Japan in 2019.

The event will go down in the record books as being held for the first time in an Asian country, as well as being the first time it is taking place in a nation that is not ranked as a tier one rugby team.

Preparations in Japan are in full swing, and a few months back the town of Kamaishi opened its Rugby World Cup stadium for the first time, a sign of life returning to normal after the tsunami devastated the city in 2011.

A highly anticipated competition, come September 20, 2019, and the first game shall take place at Tokyo Stadium in Chofu. A matter of great pride, every team will be giving its best and three stand out among the rest as the hottest contenders to lift the cup.

South Africa

If there is one team that can challenge the dominance of the All Blacks, it is South Africa.

Winning their Rugby Championship encounter against the All Blacks in Wellington (36-34) made the world sit up and take notyice of the Springboks.

Ranked fifth for the World Cup, the team has received a boost and they will be hoping to continue with this enthusiasm till it is time to step up in the World Cup. The team isn’t without its issues though. However, there is still time to iron out the smaller problems and reach Japan anew and ready to cause some major upsets.

All Black scrum

New Zealand

Talking about rugby without mentioning the All Blacks is impossible. A team with legendary status, New Zealand has dominated the game for many years. Ranked at the top for the Rugby World Cup in Japan, the All Blacks has an impressive win record that sends fear into any team playing opposite them.

Even though with almost a year to go, all bets are presently in the air but ask any rugby fan, and they are sure to mention that New Zealand is most likely going to be one of the teams that will play in the finals that will take place at the International Stadium Yokohama in Kanagawa, Japan.


Even though they are neighbours, the Australian rugby team is a far shot from the All Blacks of New Zealand. Nevertheless, a potent combination of individuals, they are ranked eighth in the World Cup listing and are very well capable of winning matches surprisingly. In addition to this, the Australian team is also home to David Pocock and Israel Folau, considered the best players in the rugby world. However, while individual achievements are aplenty, the team needs to come together as one and put forth a strong attack and defence to make a permanent mark in Japan.


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