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Rugby quiz: Can you finally wear the badge of honour?

BRAINTEASER: @rugby365com‘s oracle Paul Dobson has outdone himself – gifting you a few answers. Can you finally wear the badge of honour?


You will see your score at the end of the quiz and can challenge your friends and rivals.

We will provide the answers to this quiz in the next one, so you can see what the correct answers were.

Be honest and do it on your own and get your own score, not Google’s answers! Nobody needs to know your score except you yourself, but it may stimulate an interest in rugby’s history.

Good luck and enjoy!

Previous quiz

1. Which country, apart from South Africa, did the Springbok Nick Mallett coach?
2. On their Easter tour, this famous club stayed at Penarth in South Wales. What club was that?
3. A medical doctor, he captained France when they won a series in South Africa. What was his surname/
4. What famous rugby club is closest to the Victoria and Albert Waterfront in Cape Town?
5. What nationality is the rugby writer Bob Howitt?
6. What country beat South Africa in Brighton, England?
7. In which Irish province would you find the famous Ballymena club?
8. What is the minimum number of players a team may have in a scrum?
9. Name Australia’s coach when they won the Rugby World Cup in 1991
10. In which city would you find Scotstoun Stadium?


1. Italy
2. Barbarians
3. Mias
4. Hamiltons
5. New Zealander
6. Japan
7. Ulster
8. Five
9. Bob Dwyer
10. Glasgow

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