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Rugby quiz: Know your laws ...

BRAINTEASER: @rugby365com‘s quizmaster Paul Dobson has responded to a request from a reader and provided us with 10 law questions!


There are no trick questions. If you wanted to cheat, you could have your law book next to you and find every answer in it.

Each question sketches action from an imaginary match. You are the referee. You watch what happens and decide what, if anything, to do about it.

For convenience we have made the answers one-word answers – scrum, penalty, freekick, try, dropout, nothing. “Nothing” would mean that you would let play go on. The situations sketched are not outlandish – like the ball bursting in midflight – and the decision in each case would be one of those six words – scrum, penalty, freekick, try, dropout, nothing.

It really is straightforward.

The teams names are Red and Blue.

You will see your score at the end of the quiz and can challenge your friends and rivals.


We will provide the answers to this quiz in the next one, so you can see what the correct answers were.

Nobody needs to know your score except you yourself, but it may stimulate an interest in rugby’s history.

Good luck and enjoy!

Previous Quiz

1. What is the width of the crossbar in metres – 4.6, 5.6 or 6.6?
2. What was the nickname of the Springbok Pieter Gerhardus du Toit?
3. Who captained the New Zealand Cavaliers in South Africa in 1986?
4. Name the pope who said this: “Rugby makes us think of life, because our whole life we are heading for a goal. We need to run together, pass the ball from hand to hand, until we get to it.”
5. Name the referee who was the treasurer of the London Society of referees and for a time lived at 10 Downing Street, London.
6. Name the player chosen by World Rugby as Men’s Player of the Year for 2019.
7. What colour is England’s first-choice jersey for international matches?
8. In which city would you be if you watched Super Rugby at the Forsyth Barr Stadium?
9. Name the PRO14 team which plays home matches in Parma.
10. Name the former Puma scrumhalf who is standing for the chairmanship of World Rugby.


1. 5.6
2. Hempies
3. Andy Dalton
4. Francis
5. Denis Thatcher
6. Pieter-Steph du Toit
7. White
8. Dunedin
9. Zebre
10 Agustin Pichot

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