Sun 4 Aug 2019 | 04:20

Paarl Boys v Paarl Gim: High Drama at Interschools

Paarl Boys v Paarl Gim: High Drama at Interschools
Sun 4 Aug 2019 | 04:20
Paarl Boys v Paarl Gim: High Drama at Interschools

MATCH REPORT: Was there ever an Interschools with such a finish – such tension, such drama?


Every one of the Interschools matches since 1917 has been tense, the scores close, but possibly never as tense as in Paarl Gim’s one-point victory over Paarl Boys’ High in 2019, when the result was so charged with drama.

Time was up, well and truly up according to the clock, and Gim were leading 18-12, but Boys’ High were advancing through phases, their main tactic for the match. Eventually a quick pass saw Javier Farmer over in the right corner. 18-17 with the conversion to come. Imagine the tension in the Faure Street Stadium packed with more than 20 000 spectators.

There was silence.

Jacques Rousseau, the Boys’ High fullback, was given the heart-freezing duty of kicking the conversion from the touchline, taking over the kicking from Kian Meadon who had just recently left the field hurt.

Rousseau kicked. The ball soared high but just missed. Glee broke out on one side of the ground with hugging and heads up laughing and shouting while a cloud of desperate disappointment descended on the other half with bowed heads and tears.

Kick missed, the final whistle sounded at last – after 44 minutes in a 35-minute half, an 81-minute match in what was scheduled to be 70 minutes.


With less than two minutes to play, or so the clock said, Gim were leading comfortably 18-5. But Boys’ High fought back.

A timeline tells of those lively dying minutes:

68.30: Boys’ High throw in to a lineout on their right and go wide left where Farmer had an overlap. He races ahead, and beats one but Gim’s Liam Compion smashes him down.
70.08: Boys’ High tap a penalty and bash at the posts.
70.24: Substitute Riis du Plessis, son of Carel, dives over a heap of players to score under the posts
70.32: Wian van der Sandt converts with a drop. 18-12. From the kick-off, Boys’ High advance with phases.
72.25: Gim are penalised for a high tackle.
74.25: Gim are penalised for a high tackle.
75.13: Boys’ High win a lineout 20 metres from the Gim line. Again they attack.
76.56: Farmer dives over right in the right corner. 18-17
79.00: The final whistle sounds.

It was a great Interschools – yet again, reaching a climax with the final whistle of the 1st XV match. It had been seven months in preparation and more than a week of immediate activities.


The big day was a lovely Cape winter’s day – no rain, no wind just the warmth of a friendly son. The stands were decorated, the schools’ colours were proudly worn, there were cheerleaders in top hats and tails, school songs were sung, individuals carried huge individual portraits of the players onto the field, principals were introduced to both teams, coloured smoke floated up and there was an unceasing buzz of excitement in the crowd of over 20 000.

It was expected to be close as Gim, ranked second on the Schools Top 20, played Boys’ High ranked third, and in the end second beat third by a point.

In a match like this, the tackling is deadly, and it took a moment of brilliance to open the scoring. Boys’ High secured possession at a lineout on their 10-metre line. From a tackle a short pass sent Angelo Osch sprinting through the gap on a 58-metre swerving run to the line. 5-0 after 9 minutes.

After a penalty goal by flyhalf Jandré Burger, Gim attacked again, eighthman Juan Wilson had a long, fast run and then, on advantage, right wing Curwin Gertse scored in the left corner as Rousseau tackled him. 8-5 to Gim after 33 minutes.

Boys’ High were close to scoring when their eighthman Gideon van Wyk caught the kick-off but sturdy wing Stravino Jacobs had one of several powerful runs and Gim were attacking again.

Early in the second half, Burger, whose brother Zak was scoring tries for Griquas up in Pretoria, again goaled a penalty. 11-5.

Boys’ High were at their best when going through phases – 17 at one stage. Gim were more creative and at their best when they gave their wings a run. It was a run by Gertse that brought their second try.

From a tackle on their own 10-metre line, Bobby Alexander gave to Gertse on the right wing. He sped, chipped ahead and chased. Outstripping the opposition he got to the bouncing ball first and, despite Farmer’s attempts to stop him, he scored far out. From far out Burger converted, an important conversion as it turned out, as Boys’ High fought back near the end and came within a conversion of victory.

It was a gripping match, this Premier Interschools match in Paarl on 3 August 2019.


For Paarl Gim:
Tries: Curwin Gertse 2
Con: Jandré Burger
Pens: Jandré Burger 2

For Paarl Boys’ High:
Tries: Angelo Osch, Riis du Plessis, Javier Farmer
Con: Wian van der Sandt


Paarl Gim: 15 Tiaan Swanepoel, 14 Curwin Gertse, 13 Ethan James, 12 John du Toit, 11 Stravino Jacobs, 10 Jandré Burger, 9 Bobby Alexander, 8 Juan Wilson, 7 Pierich Siebert, 6 Louw Nel, 5 Marco van Rhyn (captain), 4 Reynhardt Crous, 3 Jovan Bekker), 2 Liam Compion, 1 Gerhard van Niekerk
Replacements: 16 Delarey Nel, 17 Louwtjie Marais, 18 Danté Booyens, 19 Johan van Rhyn, 20 Eric Basson, 21 Bradley Davids, 22 Johan Smal, 23 Migael Basson
Coaches: Pieter Rossouw, Helmut Lehmann

Paarl Boys’ High: 15 Jacques Rousseau, 14 Angelo Osch, 13 Quan Horn, 12 Tyler Bocks, 11 Javier Farmer, 10 Kian Meadon, 9 Wian van der Sandt, 8 Gideon van Wyk, 7 Eon van der Berg, 6 Stass Nel, 5 Niel Venter, 4 Evan Roode, 3 Sebastiaan Lombaard, 2 Allister Williams, 1 Rhynhardt Rijnsburger

Referee: Quinton Immelman (Western Province Referees’ Society)
Assistant referees: Jean de Wet (Western Province Referees’ Society), Dimitri Pelesan (Western Province Referees’ Society)

Paarl Gim vs Paarl Boys’ High Down the Years

1915: Boys’ High won 10-0
1916: Gim won 7-5
1917: Gim won 3-0
1918: Gim won 3-0
1919: Gim won 9-0
1920: Gim won 20-0
1921: Draw 6-6
1922: Draw 3-3
1923: Boys’ High won 3-0
1924: Boys’ High won 13-5
1925: Boys’ High won 7-3
1926: Boys’ High won 6-5
1927: Gim won 5-3
1928: No match
1929: Draw 3-3
1930: Boys’ High won 5-3
1931: Gim won 6-0
1932: Gim won 7-3
1933: Boys’ High won 3-0
1934: Boys’ High won 5-4
1935: Draw 0-0
1936: Gim won 11-6
1937: Gim won 5-3
1938: Gim won 5-3
1939: Gim won 9-8
1940: Draw 3-3
1941: Gim won 6-0
1942: Draw 0-0
1943: Gim won 9-6
1944: Boys’ High won 6-0
1945: Boys’ High won 14-6
1946: Draw 3-3
1947: Boys’ High won 8-3
1948: Draw 3-3
1949: Gim won 9-3
1950: Boys’ High won 6-3
1951: Boys’ High won 6-0
1952: Boys’ High won 11-0
1953: Boys’ High won 6-5
1956: Gim won 6-3
1957: Gim won 5-3
1958: Gim won 11-0
1959: Boys’ High won 11-3
1960: Gim won 9-3
1961: Boys’ High won 6-0
1962: Boys’ High won 6-0
1963: Boys’ High won 8-0
1964: Gim won 9-8
1965: Gim won 11-0
1966: Gim won 8-0
1967: Gim won 8-6
1968: Gim won 3-0
1969: Boys’ High won 8-5
1970: Gim won 19-8
1971: Boys’ High won 11-6
1972: Boys’ High won 6-3
1973: Boys’ High won 19-6
1974: Gim won 9-3
1975: Boys’ High won 3-0
1976: Gim won 8-6
1977: Boys’ High won 15-6
1978: Gim won 13-10
1979: Gim won 12-6
1980: Gim won 9-3
1981: Gim won 12-0
1982: Boys’ High won 16-15
1983: Gim won 15-6
1984: Gim won 10-4
1985: Boys’ High won 16-6
1986: Draw 0-0
1987: Boys’ High won 15-7
1988: Draw 6-6
1989: Gim won 15-4
1990: Boys’ High won 10-6
1991: Boys’ High won 8-4
1992: Gim won 20-15
1993: Boys’ High won 19-17
1994: Boys’ High won 11-6
1995: Boys’ High won 17-3
1996: Gim won 18-16
1997: Gim won 13-10
1998: Boys’ High won 16-5
1999: Gim won 13-6
2000: Boys’ High won 15-7
2001: Boys’ High won 12-3
2002: Gim won 15-0
2003: Boys’ High won 25-6
2004: Gim won 13-3
2005: Gim won 22-10
2006: Gim won 23-17
2007: Gim won 10-0
2008: Gim won 35-8
2009: Boys’ High won 24-12
2010: Draw 19-19
2011: Gim won 22-19
2012: Gim won 16-9
2013: Gim won 37-26
2014: Gim won 16-15
2015: Boys’ High won 16-10
2016: Boys’ High won 26-25
2017: Boys’ High won 18-13
2018: Boys’ High won 24-21
2019: Gim won 18-17

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