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SACS and Wynberg in FNB Classic Clash


We preview the FNB Classic Clash between two of South Africa's oldest schools – SACS and Wynberg.

Their colours are similar – blue and white hoops. They were founded about the same time – SACS in 1829, Wynberg in 1841 though there is a case for taking its foundation year as 1822.

They are close in age. They are close geographically, especially since SACS moved to Newlands in 1960. Now the two schools are less than five kilometres apart, both beneath the buttress of Table Mountain, both on ancient estates.

All of that makes for greater rivalry. And the rivalry is fierce. As Bishops and Rondebosch clash "on the other side of the line", so SACS and Wynberg clash on the mountain side of the line. It's a heart-and-soul affair.

This year SACS have been doing better than Wynberg and are in a position to win the "Triple Crown. They have beaten the other two big Peninsula Schools, Rondebosch and Bishops, and now have just Wynberg to play to wear the triple crown as Kings of the Southern Suburbs.

Wynberg started off well enough. At the KES Festival they drew with the strong Glenwood side and then beat Parktown of Johannesburg and Queen's of Queenstown. Then they beat Drostdy and then followed a miserable litany of defeats, the nadir of which were those against Paarl Gim (67-7) and Bishops (68-7)

SACS also got hidings – from Gim and Boland Landbou but they were not nearly as bad.

Here are the results against common foe:

DF Malan: SACS won 33-0; Wynberg won 33-13
Rondebosch: SACS won 14-12; Wynberg lost 10-7
Bishops: SACS won 32-31; Wynberg lost 68-7
Paarl Gim: SACS lost 48-17; Wynberg lost 67-7
Boland Landbou: SACS lost 44-6; Wynberg lost 24-7

Wynberg will have home ground advantage but the climate does not differ much. Both schools suffer more wet than most schools in the Cape, both tend to get soggy fields, and heavy rain started on Tuesday night.

In any case in such a derby one may as well forget about home ground, weather and past history. It's all new and all to play for.

Recent results:

2003: Wynberg won 22-0 and 42-10
2002: SACS won 15-13 and draw 27-27
2001: SACS won 12-10 and Wynberg won 70-8
2000: Wynberg won 19-0 and won the second match
1999: Wynberg won 20-3 and 23-15
1998: Wynberg won 31-12 and 15-10
1997: Wynberg won 7-6 and SACS won 27-21
1996: Wynberg won  12-7 and SACS won 7-3
1995: Wynberg won 28-8 and 14-9
1994: Wynberg won 17-0 and 10-0

That would suggest that recent history is with Wynberg.

The blow for Wynberg is the absence of their Craven Week fullback Richard Lawson who was injured against DF Malan last week.


Wynberg Team: 15 Joel Kallipi, 14 Courtney Chase, 13 Dominic Telo, 12 Angelo Pecgo, 11 Marcello Samson, 10 Tangeni Tshitute, 9 Alcott Gola, 8 Roberto Talotti (captain), 7 Ridhaa Kafaar, 6 Chris Heiberg, 5 Mathew Johnson, 4 Travis Edward, 3 Lyle Johnson, 2 Lyle Cameron, 1 Garreth Holmes

Coaches: David Schenk, Daryl Simms and Derek Heiberg

SACS Team: 15 Bradley Milne, 14 Michael Vermeulen, 13 Marc Gillmer, 12 Elio da Silva, 11 Michael Kretschmer, 10  Carl Lewis, 9 Byron Goldberg (vice-captain), 8 Kevin Dolley, 7 Kyle Brown, 6 Brett Edwards, 5 Dane Galley, 4 Simon Minnaar, 3  Mathew Golder, 2 Daniel Sorrell (captain), 1 Robert MacSymon

Coaches: Simon Perkin, Anton Moolman and Simon Schmid

Date: 26 June 2004
Venue: Hawthornden, Wynberg Boys' High
Kick-off: 11.30
Referee: Tommy Norton (Western Province)
Expected weather conditions: Rain with a high of 20°C and a wind reaching 21 km/h


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